The three best quarterbacks in the history of the franchise are fairly obvious, but they all are on this list for different reasons. Joe Montana is here because he is arguably the best ever simply because of how clutch he was. Steve Young is on this list because he followed a legend beautifully. Finally, YA Tittle is on this list because he was with the team when they were struggling, but he brought his hall of fame grit to a team that desperately needed.

Joe Montana is roundly considered to be one of the best ever because he won four Super Bowls, threw one of the most iconic passes in history and made sure that he was going to do all that he could to make the team better. He was the MVP of three Super Bowls, and he is still one of the coolest people in the history of the game. People call him Cool Joe to this day even though he can’t run or do much, and he is in one of the best passing duos with Jerry Rice. The two of them together changed the way we pass the ball to this day.


Steve Young made it onto this list because he sat behind Joe Montana for a long time before he had his chance. He followed the best QB in the history of the game and won his own title. He created a hall of fame career for himself after practically failing in the USFL and with the Bucs. He changed his career by being a member of a team that needed a solid backup. He turned that into a starting job that he used to be one of the best passing duos with Jerry Rice. He was so good that he actually surpassed the numbers Joe Montana had with Rice.

YA Tittle is on this list because he deserves to be recognized more than he was in the past. He was a brilliant player who made his name with other teams, but he came to the 49ers because they needed somebody. He did not become a hall of famer with the team, but he was very important for the team. He brought some credibility to the team that allowed them to draft Joe Montana without him running away. That was something that made the team better for the future, and every fan should be happy to say thank you to his family.

These three men made the 49ers one of the best franchises in all of professional sports. Without them, it would not be even remotely the same.